About Pro-Comp Sales: Pro-Comp Sales was organized as a Manufacturers Representative firm specializing in the sales and marketing of electromechanical and passive electronic components. Our experience in the electronic marketplace makes us uniquely qualified to provide a wide range of services to the manufacturers that we represent:

Mission Statement

To provide the manufacturers represented with a high level of confidence, based upon our firm's thorough customer knowledge and understanding of the products manufactured, while offering an unparalleled level of customer service. To provide our customers with a value added service by having a thorough understanding of their product needs and a focus on exceptional supplier performance to support their success in a competitive, dynamic market place.

Philosophy and Focus

Pro-Comp Sales does not measure success in terms of the number of manufacturers represented, or being the largest rep firm in the region. Our success is built on an active and aggressive partnership with our manufacturers and their distributors to assure continuous growth in terms of customers, market share, and total dollar volume. By keeping these goals and strategies firmly within our sights, our mutual success will be assured.


The markets in which we operate are very competitive and demand quick reactions; therefore, ability to gather, store and disseminate information effectively and efficiently is of paramount importance. Based on this belief, Pro-Comp Sales has made a significant investment in computer software and hardware to aid us in this daunting task and keep us consistently ahead of the competition. The software packages include Lotus Notes. Lotus Notes is used to store customer, program and product profiles which includes forecast, quote and sample requests. Lotus Notes provides real-time intranet and remote access by all Pro-Comp Sales offices and personnel to share and update the status of each customer and/or opportunity. The program also records activity and action items by sales engineer and sales administrator and tracks open issues. These tools have proven invaluable to Pro-Comp Sales and our principals.

Manufacturers and Products

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